There are many parallels between off-road endurance racing and driving through a combat zone. Although the consequences of failure are far more severe in the latter case, both require high-speed driving over difficult terrain in various weather and light conditions. Breakdowns are catastrophic, so reliability is critical. Vehicles must operate independently far from supply lines and rescue personnel — there's no calling AAA if you get a flat tire. For all these reasons, it's no surprise that several off-road racing vehicle builders have branched out into the military vehicle field.

BC Customs is one such builder, and one of this company's latest military vehicle creations is known as the SRTV SXV. In a new RECOILtv episode, George and Raul from Fieldcraft Survival take it out for a spin in the desert. They also test the modular weapon mount on the SXV's roof with a Browning M3 50-cal machine gun, as well as a minigun fed by a 3,000-round belt. We won't even deny it — we're super jealous.

The BC Customs SXV is available with either a gas or diesel engine paired with an Atlas 2 transfer case, one-ton axles, and Ford 9-inch diffs. But in addition to its crawling capabilities, it'll also hit a top speed of 80 miles per hour. The extended rear deck offers the ability to strap down stretchers for evacuation of casualties in a combat setting, as demonstrated in the video.

For more off-road vehicle testing and tips, check out the RECOILtv Transport channel.

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