Make & Model - Spark Light SF3-CW
Colorway - Carbon
Lumen Output - Super 380 / High 200 / Mid2 70 / Mid1 10 / Low 1
Beam Options - Super / High / Mid2 / Mid1 / Low
Runtime - Super 48 m / High 1h 48m / Mid2 6h / Mid1 30h / Low 12 days
Bezel Diameter - 0.95 in
Overall Length - 3.05 in
Weight With Battery - 2 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1, not included)
MSRP - $59
Accessories - Flood reflector

The ProTac 1L's solid state power regulation provides maximum light output throughout its battery life. It has a programmable tail cap switch and an antiroll head and body made of anodized aluminum for durability. The lens is made of impact-resistant tempered glass, and its push-button tail switch is rubber. The color matched pocket clip is removable. It's waterproof too, rated IPX7 to 1 meter for 30 minutes, not to mention 2-meter impact-resistant tested. Each ProTac 1L is etched with a unique serial number for ease of identification.

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