As a weekend tripper, you know the importance of bringing the right pack for the adventure. You need enough space to equip yourself for whatever nature may throw at you. And space fills up quickly. Just as necessary is to make sure that your pack is comfortable for the long trip ahead. With the Fully Loaded Tactical Military Style Backpack, you can be sure you'll be suited for any situation.

Made of lightweight yet durable nylon, this backpack comes with plenty of space for the essentials, and then some, with 3 outer pockets. Speaking of the essentials, this carryall features a flashlight and 480mL water flask bundled in. In addition, you can buckle up the chest strap for all-day hikes. Or, if you're staying in town, you can travel safely with your laptop thanks to an additionally padded inner pouch. Plus, it comes in 3 colors—black, green, and khaki—so you can buy one for the whole crew. With all the space and support this backpack possesses, you can be sure to fit everything you need, and might even be able to fit the kitchen sink too.

If you're on the hunt for a backpack for your next epic escapade, look no further than the Fully Loaded Tactical Military Style Backpack. You can nab one for just $39.99, a savings of 59%.

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