Renovo has recently added a new water filter design to its lineup, and it features some unique design elements. The new filter, known as the Renovo MUV (pronounced “move”), is a modular and adaptable 3-piece design.

Renovo MUV water filter

Many water filters on the market use a single-stage filter, such as a hollow-fiber membrane. Previous Renovo filters (such as the Trio) have used a 3-stage filtration system, but the real key to the MUV is that each stage is housed in a separate module. These modules interlock, allowing users to choose only the modules they need for their environment.

Renovo MUV water filter 5

In addition to its interchangeable modules, the MUV can be adapted to different use styles.

You may think: “why not use all three modules all the time for maximum protection?” This is a valid question, but it's easy enough to answer. As a water filter increases in effectiveness, it generally also increases in size, weight, cost of replacement parts, and complexity. Extremely thorough water filters also have a tendency to slow water flow rate to a trickle. So, it's valuable to only use the highest level of protection you actually need, thereby avoiding these drawbacks.

With the MUV, there are many configurations to choose from. If you're just looking to remove the hard water taste and odor from tap water, you can use only Module 1 (activated carbon). If you need to drink from a local stream while hiking or camping, adding Module 2 (hollow fibers) will block bacteria and protozoa that could make you sick. Finally, Module 3 uses high-tech Nanalum compound to trap viruses like Hepatitis A found in heavily-contaminated water sources.

Renovo MUV water filter 1

The Renovo MUV filter has already doubled its original $30,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, and there are still several days left on this campaign. If you'd like to learn more about the modular filter's capabilities or back this project, visit the Renovo MUV Kickstarter page.

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