Make & Model - Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX Zip Neck & Bottom AR-Wool
Fabric - ABMT 180gsm nylon core spun merino wool, 81% wool / 12% nylon / 7% elastane
Weight - 7.4/5.7 ounces (medium)
Colors - Black, Crocodile
MSRP - $139/$109

Arc'teryx's wool baselayer blend uses a lot of wool, adds some nylon for strength, and finishes with an elastic chaser to keep things tight. Of the blends used by companies represented in our group, Arc'teryx's higher-than-average wool content stands out. It's very breathable, passes moisture readily and feels the least clammy of the blends. When new, the wool does feel scratchy, but it's not noticeable when layered. Cold wash, use wool detergent, and you can tumble dry using low heat.

The top has a generous 1/4-zip opening for the largest heads and adequate venting. The torso uses a split panel side that keeps the seam from landing directly in the armpit where it can ride on body armor, wear and otherwise annoy a very sensitive area. The tiny chest pocket at first seemed pointless, but we realized it's an extremely accessible spot that's ideal for an ID and credit card. The bottom has the same flat seams found in the top, also placed to avoid friction points. There's a pee slot, and the waistband is 11?4 inches and stays flat without rolling or bunching.

– Breathes well
– Handy ID pocket
– Care is less complex than other woolens

– Wool starts out on the scratchy side
– Zipper could be longer to provide more venting

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