Make & Model - Coast TX100
Max. Lumen Output - 125
Max. Runtime - 13 hrs
Overall Length - 5.9 in
Weight with Batteries - 4.8 oz
Battery Type - AA (2, included)
Controls - Constant on/momentary tail-cap push button
MSRP - $54

Housed in an impact- and weather-resistant aluminum body, the TX100 contains three virtually unbreakable LEDs that light up in red, white, or blue. Coast says this is its longest-reaching colored light option and lists the TX100 to be able to throw out to more than 300 yards. The red light helps preserve night vision while the blue light can cut through fog without creating too much glare. To switch colors, the user must push the tail-cap and cycle through each colored light.

Pros: Robust build, common battery type, brightness

Cons: Switching colors requires the light to be cycled through

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