GLOVE - FlyLow Gear Tough Guy Glove
COLORS - Blue/Tan
PALM MATERIAL - Pig Leather w/Wax Treatment
BASE MATERIAL - Cotton Canvas
INSULATION - Space Loft (Polyester Synthetic)
MSRP - $32
NOTES - Pig skin and cotton canvas doesn't seem like a formula for a warm glove, and it's not really that warm. But warmth alone may not be the only criterion you're considering. If you work outside in the winter, you'll find the natural grippiness of the pig skin a plus. Blessed with hot hands? The breathable cotton on the back of these gloves will be a further blessing. The light layer of polyester insulation throughout the glove keeps things warm enough without destroying the ability to complete gross motor skill tasks. The triple baked-in application of Sno-Seal natural wax provides a waterproof finish for the leather areas.
PERFORMANCE - The Tough Guy Glove is what hardware store work gloves aspire to. Ten days of use and you've broken in your favorite winter truck gloves. Putting chains on a tire or pulling an injured person to safety in a toboggan won't leave you with bloody, raw hands. On the contrary, the more you beat up on these gloves, the more you'll miss them when it comes time to buy a new pair … or when a buddy recognizes their awesomeness and "borrows" them indefinitely.

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