Make & Model - Fusion Jerky Island Teriyaki Artisian Pork Jerky
Calories Per Serving - 70
Protein Per Serving - 9 grams
Package Size - 3 ounces
MSRP - $7

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong

Overall: Being the only taster on this panel of Asian descent, I am proud to say I've had plenty of jerky made of pig (along with many other animals you might consider disgusting to dehydrate — dried squid, anyone?). So, how does this one fair? It's soft, healthful, and well balanced. Though pork isn't my favorite meat, the quantity in this package and the resealable bag definitely help tip the scales in its favor.

Tester #2: John Schwartze

Overall: Another first for me: pork jerky. The teriyaki flavor is nice, and the strips are more like traditional jerky, but not tough. A serving has no fat, 18 percent of your daily protein intake, and 12 percent of your sodium intake. This is another one I'd recommend, especially for SHTF food because it claims to be a healthy alternative. Wish it had more fat though.

Tester #3: Martin Anders

Overall: If you like teriyaki, you'll like this jerky. It's got that distinct sweet soy sauce flavor that teriyaki is known. Unlike many others, this jerky is made of pork, whose texture leans toward very tender. The meat is sort of translucent, which threw me for a loop.

Notes: If an escape from a crumbling city isn't what you signed up for and a tropical escape is what you seek, this Island Teriyaki Artisan Pork Jerky can help you do that — in your mouth at least. Using premium cuts of pork sourced only in the United States, each piece of this teriyaki-flavored jerky is grilled and features no nitrites or preservatives.

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