Make & Model - Lawless Jerky Phó Beef Jerky
Calories Per Serving - 80
Protein Per Serving - 11 grams
Package Size - 2 ounces
MSRP - $6

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong

Overall: In case my surname didn't give it away, I've enjoyed pho since I was a child. So I asked myself, Can you turn a noodle soup into a jerky? Lawless Jerkey says, “Yes.” My taste buds say, “Oh, hell no!” It tries to pack in too many pho spices — cloves, star anise, cinnamon, etc. — when just a hint would have worked. And cow is my favorite dead animal, yet the beef here is as dry as sawdust. Fortunately, the jerky's relatively healthful.

Tester #2: John Schwartze

Overall: Interesting flavor, texture consistent with typical jerky. Could definitely taste the cloves and mint. Nutrients left me wanting more, though. Eleven grams of protein, 12-percent sodium, and only 2-percent fat. I realize these manufacturers aren't looking to pack on calories and sodium for their consumers, but in a survival situation that's what you want. This one is a great snack, but not a SHTF food.

Tester #3: Martin Anders

Overall: This is a flavor that I couldn't imagine and just had to try. Well, it fell real short in both flavor and texture departments. Jerky is supposed to be dry, but this jerky is tough to get down without a swig of water. Flavor wise, there is some spice and a bit of sweet, but no pho in sight or taste.

Notes: A former attorney, Lawless Jerky's founder creates every flavor from scratch, including this one. Pho (pronounced “Fuh?”) is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is commonly made with beef stock…and is now a flavor of beef jerky. Made from 100-percent grass-fed beef in Arizona, this jerky features no corn syrup, no nitrites, and no nitrates.

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