Make & Model - Lawless Jerky Sweet Sriracha Beef Jerky
Calories Per Serving - 80
Protein Per Serving - 11 grams
Package Size - 2 ounces
MSRP - $6

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong

Overall: After being disappointed by Lawless Jeryk's pho flavor, I didn't have high hopes for this one. Fortunately, it really does taste like sriracha, but it's not particularly spicy. Though, if you consume the whole bag (which has two servings), it does have a cumulative effect. This meat has a solid texture, not too chewy, but just tough enough to be jerky. Overall? Good!

Tester #2: John Schwartze

Overall: Good spicy flavor, but not too potent. Texture is moist and fairly easy to chew. It was middle of the road for me overall. I'd grab it for SHTF, but wish the package was bigger. It's a nice snack for those looking for more natural small-batch jerky and would work for survival. Wish it had more nutrients like protein and fat.

Tester #3: Martin Anders

Overall: That red bottle of hot sauce with a green cap they call sriracha is a constant mealtime companion of mine. Now there's a beef jerky made in its flavor? Sign me up! The flavor approximates a sweet sriracha hot sauce pretty well and has a nice spicy warmth to it, as well. It's on the dry side, but I can live with that.

Notes: Inspired by the recent hot sauce fad, the Sweet Sriracha Beef Jerky promises to bring some heat to your snack time. Like the company's pho jerky, this one's made from 100-percent grass-fed beef and features no corn syrup, no nitrites, and no nitrates.

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