Make & Model - Midland GXT1000VP4
Band Type - GMRS/FRS
Channels - 50
Privacy Codes - 285
Claimed Range - 36 mi
Weight - 7.4 oz (with battery)
Battery Type - rechargeable (included), 4 AA (not included)
MSRP - $89.99
Notes - While it has good overall quality, its controls are complex and are not laid out ergonomically. The use of additional channels seemed to cause difficulties, as it was unable to cross-talk to Motorola units operating on the same channel. We experienced a useful range of about 2 miles in urban environments, though transmission quality could be spotty at times. Comes with 2 radios per package.
Features - 285 privacy codes, 6,270 channel options
Audible SOS siren
Silent vibrate alert mode
NOAA weather alert radio
Belt clips (2)
Desktop charger
AC and DC adapters
Boom mic headsets (2)

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