GLOVE - Mountian Hardwear Typhoon Outdry Glove
COLORS - Black, Brown
BASE MATERIAL - Polyester w/OutDry Membrane
INSULATION - Polartec Power Stretch
MSRP - $135
NOTES - The Outdry Typhoon is a serious wet weather glove. It can keep hands dry in ways that would interest Moses. It's two gloves in one. Instead of a slippery liner sliding around inside a slippery outer glove, though, Outdry technology allows the outer glove to be lined with a waterproof membrane and a nonslip, protective backer. In turn, a regular fleece liner provides decent warmth, and no slippage between glove and liner.
PERFORMANCE - The leather palm is durable, but we found the smooth leather very slippery. So much that we'd hit it with a few light passes of 120-grit sandpaper to keep from dropping carried items. While the glove shrugged off ice and snow from an all day adventure, it didn't retain as much warmth as we'd hoped. This is an ideal spring skiing or overland travel glove. The glove and liner system offers more options to extend wear.

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