WEIGHT - 4 ounces with batteries
SIZE - 3.5x1 inches
COVERAGE - 75-percent global coverage using the Globalstar satellite network
SERVICES - GPS assisted emergency beacon
One-way satellite messaging
Near real-time position tracking via website and mobile app
MSRP - $150
SERVICE PLAN - Required, $150/year minimum


  • Excellent battery life
  • Shockproof and waterproof to 1 meter
  • Uncomplicated setup and use
  • Easily available batteries
  • Can be powered externally
  • Many options for sharing track info


  • Lack of month-to-month subscription
  • Inability to change settings offline
  • USB port cover is easily ripped off
  • No service in Arctic and Antarctic
  • Reduced service in some regions of South America, central Africa, western Asia, Russia, and Pacific Ocean
  • Low power can limit transmission of messages in some locations

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January 20, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff


4oz. of life-saving technology that uses the Globalstar system of satellites to transmit GPS location and messages to family, friends, social networks, and the GEOS international rescue service.