RECOILtv has unleashed a new viral video, and it's definitely a sight to behold if you're into bikes, guns, video games, or action films (or all of the above). Armed Ronin was filmed in an abandoned nuclear power plant, and features some impressive stunt riding on a very special custom motorcycle: the Magpul Ronin.

RECOILtv Ronin motorcycle video 2

The Ronin was inspired by the now-defunct American sport bike manufacturer Buell, picking up where it left off—and then some. It uses a custom monoshock suspension linkage, front-mounted radiator, unitized handlebar, ram-air intake, cast aluminum tail, and many other outside-the-box characteristics. Like its namesake, there are 47 of these Ronin motorcycles in existence.

RECOILtv Ronin motorcycle video 3

Of course, it wouldn't be a RECOILtv video without some cool firearm content. The video is packed with gear from AR500 Armor, Century Arms, FN,, SIG SAUER, SilencerCo, Spike’s Tactical, and Trijicon. There are also some video-game-inspired special effects to bring it all together.

Check out the full Armed Ronin video below:

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