If you're an American or Canadian who travels to the UK, you might get some funny looks if you ask for a flashlight. Due to linguistic differences, most English-speakers outside North America refer to these handheld lights as torches. From a purely logical standpoint, neither term seems entirely ideal. Flashlights don't necessarily flash (unless there's a strobe mode), and electric torches don't involve flames.

Celestron ThermoTorch flashlight hand warmer battery 1

However, there's a new product on the market that takes the term “torch” a little more literally. It's called the Celestron ThermoTorch, and while it doesn't have an open flame, it is designed to provide both light and heat. This flashlight is also an electric hand warmer, in an effort to make the cold winter months a little more bearable.

Left: the full-size ThermoTorch 10. Right: the smaller ThermoTorch 5.

The ThermoTorch is designed around a 10,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, contained in a CNC-machined metal housing. The housing is IP65 water- and dust-resistant, as well as shock-tested against drops and impacts. On one end of the body is a 3-mode CREE LED, which produces 300 lumens, and is operated by a large rubberized button with integrated power indicator.

Removing the threaded cap on the other end of the ThermoTorch reveals another feature: dual USB output ports. This allows the ThermoTorch to be used as a portable power bank to charge other electronic devices, such as smartphones, cameras, or GPS units. The ThermoTorch can also be recharged via a mini-USB input port.

Celestron ThermoTorch flashlight hand warmer battery 3

The “thermo” in ThermoTorch comes from a built-in hand warmer that can provide a full 10 hours of heat, and produce temperatures up to 114°F. You can keep the device in your pocket to warm your hands, and click on the light when you need increased visibility.

Celestron ThermoTorch flashlight hand warmer battery 2

Celestron offers the device in two sizes:

  • ThermoTorch 10 – 10,000mAh battery, 8.25″ length, and dual USB output ports
  • ThermoTorch 5 – 5,000mAh battery, 6.5″ length, and a single USB output port

The ThermoTorch 10 is available at various retailers for $90, while the smaller ThermoTorch 5 is available for $70. For more information on this product, visit Celestron.com.

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