DPx Gear has announced the addition of a new model to their line of fixed-blade survival knives. It's called the HEFT 12 CHOP, and it's a strong and rugged bush knife that bridges the gap between a hatchet, a machete, and a smaller knife.

DPx Gear HEFT 12 CHOP 1

DPx's founder, Robert Young Pelton, has spent years in difficult environments like Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma, and South Sudan. He applied these experiences to creating what he calls “a spare-no-expense survival blade, which can be used to cut down a twelve inch tree or even for fine tasks like shaving.”

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The key to the CHOP's patented design is a straight 12-inch sword grind blade, finished with a front-heavy axe-like tip. This was inspired partially by the parang, an Indonesian utility blade design used throughout southeast Asia. The CHOP's flat, thick spine also has depressions at the front and rear, making it ideal for batoning through wood at your campsite.

Robert Young Pelton learned about the Parang blade in Borneo, and applied this knowledge to his DPx CHOP.

Robert Young Pelton learned about the parang in Borneo, and applied this knowledge to creating his DPx CHOP.

The DPx HEFT 12 CHOP is made in Italy by LionSTEEL, and is constructed of razor-sharp Sleipner stainless steel with a stonewashed finish. The handle scales are formed from black Micarta, and each CHOP comes with a Kydex expedition sheath.

Starting this week, DPx has made the limited-edition first run of 200 units available to the public. This first run comes with a special serial number, a certificate of authenticity, and a pre-sale price of $380. Once this run is over, the MSRP for future production runs will be $425.

For more information on the DPx HEFT 12 CHOP, visit DPxgear.com.

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