In Issue 24, we interviewed survivalist EJ Snyder — click here to read the complete interview. During our time with EJ, we also had a chance to discuss the gear he carries into the wilderness. For this OFFGRIDweb exclusive tie-in to our print article, we’ll share the complete list of survival items inside EJ’s long-term “nomad pack”, pictured below:

Contrary to a bug out bag, the contents of Snyder's long-term survival nomad pack have enough supplies and gear to get him through dire situations that last more than 72 hours.

Contrary to a bug out bag, the contents of Snyder’s long-term survival nomad pack have enough supplies and gear...

Spec-Ops Medical Assault Pack with military-issue waterproof bag, Primal Gear Unlimited quiver and additional MOLLE-compatible pouches

Camelbak hydration bladder, Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle with cup and cooking setup, Puritii water filtration bottle (75 gallon lifespan), Coleman camp coffee pot (doubles as a cooking vessel)

Back Up H2O/Barter Items
Sawyer Mini filter system, LifeStraw, water purification tablets

Purefire Tactical magnesium fire-starter with several petroleum-jelly-coated cotton balls inside the handle, Livefire Gear Ring O Fire w/ ferro rod, 550 Fire Cord, and Livefire Original Fire Tin, lighter, lighter knot (or fatwood)


EJ Snyder with the knife he designed: the SXB Skull Crusher Extreme Blade by TOPS Knives.

Home-made fishing kit out of a sports drink bottle with 60 feet of hand line and assorted tackle, S.O.S. Sam’s Outdoor Survival Fishing Kit, spear-point fishing gig, UST ParaKnife fixed-blade (for use on a pole as a spear), snare wire, wrist rocket slingshot with marbles and ball bearings, Primal Gear Unlimited’s Collapsible Survival Takedown Bow with Takedown Arrows (including broadheads and extra bowstring), Fremont Knives Farson hand knife (excellent for processing game and cleaning hides)

20×10 heavy duty lightweight tarp (one side silver) with bungee cords, 200 feet of 550 paracord, homemade grappling hook (made out of 3 bike storage hooks secured with plumbers clamps and Gorilla Tape with 100 feet 550 paracord), 3 snap link carabiners, SXB Skull Crusher Extreme Blade by TOPS Knives, Leatherman multitool, folding hand saw, T.M. Hunt M18 Woodsman knife, Outlast Adventure Supply 12-in-1 Recon Survival Tool, military-style machete, ENO hammock system, insect netting, military-issue poncho liner, 5.11 Tactical work gloves, extra bright orange carry bag (food storage hang bag), dry bag

With Jeff Sausch, during Dual Survival, Episode 4, Gator Bait, 2016.

With Jeff Sausch, during Dual Survival, Episode 4, Gator Bait, 2016.

Nav, Comms, & Signaling
Military-issue lensatic compass, headlamp, tactical flashlight, Eddie Bauer Mini Camp Lantern, black Sharpie marker wrapped with 30 feet of silver duct tape, signal mirror, lightweight orange signal flag, Eton Scorpion 2 Weather Radio with built-in solar charger and hand crank, extra batteries

Small Ziploc bag of various meds, antibiotics, bandages, etc., emergency blanket, heavy duty casualty blanket, 12-in-1 camp scissor tool, cotton bandanna

Extra Clothes
Waterproof windbreaker with hood, extra Tru-Spec 24/7 Xpedition Pants and long sleeve shirt, silk long johns, Goretex boot liners, 4 pairs of Smartwool socks, neck buff, shemagh scarf

EDC Items (Carried Outside the Pack)
Glock 22 with three magazines, Spyderco Tatanka folding knife, sunglasses, Wazoo Survival Cache Belt (includes handcuff keys, lockpicks, a wire saw, a razorblade, duct tape), matches, 550 cord, small tools and a handful of cash

Winterized Add-Ons (Not Pictured)
Lightweight Recon sleeping bag (10-degree), lightweight field jacket liner, winter gloves, winter skull cap, additional ammo and food

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