Established in Switzerland in 1863, Hammerli Arms is best known today for its high-end target pistols and rifles, many of which have appeared in the hands of Olympic shooters. However, at SHOT Show 2024, the company showed off its newest release: the Hammerli Force B1. This .22LR rifle uses a toggle-style straight pull bolt action inspired by the mechanism used in competition rifles, but combines it with a quick-change barrel system, rugged polymer stock, and Ruger 10/22 trigger and magazine compatibility.

Hammerli Force B1 Rimfire Rifle

Above: The Hammerli Force B1 was on display in the Walther booth at SHOT Show Range Day, since Hammerli is part of the Walther family of brands.

The short-throw toggle action (as seen in this video) makes the Force B1's bolt easy to actuate quickly and without disturbing the rifle's sight picture. The locked bolt also makes this an excellent suppressor host, so we're glad to see it comes with a 1/2×28 TPI threaded barrel.

Speaking of the barrel, it detaches without any tools and can be swapped to accept different calibers (.22LR, .22 WMR, and more options to come later) or changed for a different barrel length. A Hammerli representative told us the company is also working on an integrally suppressed barrel for it.

Any time the subject of rimfire rifles comes up, so does the Ruger 10/22. Thankfully, Hammerli noticed the widespread support for that platform, and made the Force B1 compatible with 10/22 triggers and magazines. If you already have a 10/22 or some spare parts laying around, this is a great way to get into an even quieter bolt-action rifle with cross-compatible parts.

For caliber changes, the Adaptable Magwell can be used to convert the rifle to accept the appropriate Ruger magazine once the barrel has been swapped out.

The Hammerli Force B1's stock also features toolless adjustments for length of pull and comb height. The underside of the forend also has integrated MLOK slots for bipods and other accessories. Total weight is only 5.75 pounds, optic and accessories not included.

MSRP for the Hammerli Force B1 is $649. We hope to get our hands on one of these rifles in the near future for a full review, but until then, you can find more information on the Force B1 at

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