Whether you're running for your life in a survival situation, or simply walking down a peaceful city street, the ability to blend in is valuable. By acting as a “gray man” and disguising your preparedness from the general public, you can reduce your risk of being hassled, mugged, or worse. On the other hand, strolling around a major metropolitan area with a camouflage pack covered in PALS webbing and morale patches will certainly turn some heads—and not in a good way.

Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 6

The new Grey Ghost Wanderer bag has a low-profile look that doesn't scream “tactical”.

Grey Ghost Gear is well aware of the importance of flying under the radar—after all, this philosophy is clearly evident in the company's name.

Earlier this year, Grey Ghost released a new backpack constructed of waxed canvas, known as the Gypsy. Now, the company has unveiled a messenger bag in this same understated style. It's called the Grey Ghost Wanderer, and it's said to be “imminently suitable for customers who must by necessity remain inconspicuous and low profile”.

Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 2

The Wanderer is constructed of waxed canvas, and uses waterproof zippers to keep its contents bone-dry in case of rain. Grey Ghost also says this material feels “like furry walls on a chill, foggy morning”, so that's pretty cool too. This bag is available in four colors: black, charcoal, field tan, or olive drab.

Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 7

Here are some other key specs:

  • Measurements: 20.5 in. long, 11.5 in. tall, 4.5 in. deep
  • Carry strap with adjustable seatbelt webbing
    Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 1
  • End pockets: 2 each on either end. One zippered and flap-closed, expanding to carry a water bottle. The other an open stash pocket that will hold a small umbrella, a couple of AR magazines or an IFAK.
  • Body Flap: pull-over courier style flap secures with 2 magnetic snaps and contains 2 9×5 in. zippered, tricot-lined pockets for smart devices, eye pro, or other small valuables.
    Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 3
  • Interior Organization: The primary compartment is divided into a 2/3-1/3 configuration. The smaller of the 2 will carry a laptop. The other will secure anything from a PDW with stock collapsed to your carry-on luggage. A simple side release web-and-buckle feature secures contents from spillage.
  • Further Compartmentalization: 2 vertical zippers in the front compartment open a gate to access loose, small items. The reverse side of the gate contains 4 stretch mesh pockets and a pen scabbard. Above those is yet another pocket with sufficient accommodation for an iPad Mini or similar device.
    Grey Ghost Wanderer bag 4

The Grey Ghost Wanderer is available at an MSRP of $235. For more information, visit GreyGhostGear.com.

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