We recently completed a top-down review of the ruggedized Juggernaut phone cases and mounting ecosystem. Shortly after that article was complete, Juggernaut announced they would be releasing a new, expanded line of phone cases and mounts. Good news up front: both cases and mounts are backwards compatible. If you have a legacy mount, all the new cases will still fit in those mounts. Likewise, if you purchase one of their new-generation mounts, your existing phone case will fit into it without problems. (Our first look of the improved PALS plate carrier mount can be found here.)

Above: The outgoing IMPCT and SLEEV cases offered two levels of protection; the new ENDVR, ADVNTR, and OPRTR families provide three levels to choose from.

Previously, there were two Juggernaut phone cases: the IMPCT and the SLEEV. The IMPCT was their “medium-to-hard” use case, with the SLEEV being up-armored even further for extra-rough handling, and optimization for Juggernaut’s line of power and data transfer cables. Their new line has expanded to include three case options, instead of two, to cover a wider range of use-cases.

Juggernaut Case Everyday ENDVR

At the more casual end of the spectrum is their ENDVR case. The ENDVR is a front-load “snap on” case. Simply press the phone down into the corners of the case until it stretches and snaps down over the body of your phone. This is how most commercial phone cases work, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Optimized for EDC and weekend warrior adventures, the ENDVR does not feature a port sealing mechanism like its counterparts. It does, however, still lock into Juggernaut mounts. Whether you want a belt clip for your work pants, a PALS pack adapter for your weekend trail pack, or a vehicle mount for road trips, the ENDVR will still fit securely into any existing Juggernaut mounting interface – with one caveat. The ENDVR’s design is so sleek that you will need to go down one mount size.

The sample phones used here are a Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. If I load the standard S22 into an ADVNTR or OPRTR case, it will need a medium-sized mount to ride in. But the same phone loaded into an ENDVR case, will use a small-sized mount. Fortunately, Juggernaut marks both their mounts and cases with size icons, and all of the new cases are explicitly labels with the required mount size for that case. If you plan on switching your phone in and out of the different cases, using different case models for work and personal phones, or have family members or co-workers using different-sized cases than you, you’ll have to bear that in mind as you shop for corresponding mounts. But this difference only applies to the ENDVR.

Extreme ADVNTR and Tactical OPRTR

Above: The Juggernaut ADVNTR (left) and OPRTR (right) are top-loading designs with seals for the ports on the base of the phone.

The larger ADVNTR and OPRTR cases are similar in form factor. Both are top-load cases, as opposed to snap on, with a hinged top cover. They both feature a port-sealing mechanism on the bottom. The ADVNTR seals with a pop-off rubber gasket, while the beefier OPRTR has larger, buffered bottom plate that secures into the case with two screws. Either one can be completely removed from the rest of the case and stowed if not needed for daily use.

The ADVNTR and Operator both feature more material built up around the edge of the screen, creating a deeper offset for the phone. This is good news if you’re prone to dropping your phone on its face, when that offset could save you from a cracked screen. Aside from that, the OPRTR appears to be an even-more-up-armored version of the ADVNTR, slightly taller with more material all around.

Our sample S22 did require more effort to load into the OPRTR than the ADVNTR, which indicates the use of additional shock-absorbing foam on the interior of the case. But make no mistake, both of these cases are fit for duty with law enforcement or military units. Also, the ADVNTR and OPRTR use the same size mounts – in our case, they both used medium mounts for the S22 and XL mounts for the S22 Ultra.

Design Improvements

We were big fans of the previous-gen IMPCT Juggernaut phone cases, with our editorial staff making extensive use of them in the field, and the new lines offer some distinct improvements. In addition to scalability of protection level, all three of the new case models make more extensive use of texturing and rubberized grip material around the edges of the case. We did notice that, on the older cases, as increased wear smoothed out the untextured plastic edges, our phones became a little more prone to slippage and drops.

Not so with any of the new case models. There is also the SHLD screen protector (not shown here) available. In addition to the additional protection for your screen, the SHLD is available in blue light blocking and privacy-protection variants.

There is also more attention to detail in design aesthetic. The large military-style labels have been moved from the outside to the inside of the case, which also feature subtle artwork resembling topographical lines on a map. The inside of each case also features a cheeky one-liner or movie quote. You’ll only see it once, when you load your phone into the case, but they’re good for a quick chuckle, and the combination of colors and quotes adds a degree of uniqueness and collectability to an otherwise utilitarian product.

Above: The Forearm Mount features a ratcheting BOA dial for micro adjustment, ensuring it fits the wearer securely. 

Speaking of colors, there are some additional options in that realm, as well. The ADVNTR and OPRTR are available in black, FDE, OD green, and Gunmetal Gray. The more urbanized ENDVR case is available in black, Stone Green, Gunmetal Gray, and a lighter limited-edition Tundra Gray. Pricing, like protection level, is scaled to the individual cases: $65 for the ENDVR, $80 for the ADVNTR and $145 for the OPRTR. The SHLD screen protector is an addition $50-$60 depending on model. Even maxing out the prices, you are still looking at just over $200 to not only protect your smartphone to the level of literal battlefield use, but also capitalize on the wide array of mounting and carriage options that can be integrated into almost any imaginable use case – from belt clips and dashboard docks to skydiving harnesses and body armor.

Above: The Armband Mount is made from stretchy Lycra with a topo-pattern grip material on the inside to reduce slipping.

At time of writing, these new case lines have only been released for Samsung Galaxy S22 phones, with limited availability for S22 Plus and Ultra models. Juggernaut has told us that iPhone 14 models are coming soon.

For more information on the new Juggernaut phone cases, go to Juggernautcase.com.

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