We respect inventors, since it takes a lot of commitment and dedication to take an idea from a napkin sketch to a real-life product. However, we have even greater respect for an inventor who can commit his entire lifestyle to the product. For Tony Pavlantos, founder of Prival USA, that means making a 71-mile solo trek through the Wasatch Mountains to promote his latest product, the Prival NWS fire-starter multi-tool.

Prival NWS survival edc multi tool fire starter 1

The Prival NWS multi-tool includes a ferro rod, striker surface, and flammable pitch wood core.

Tony's company recently launched the NWS tool on Kickstarter, but rather than sitting at a desk and waiting for people to back the product, he loaded up his pack and ventured into the backcountry. He took on this challenge to demonstrate the tool's features, test more of his company's gear, and provide survival tips to his social media followers. His live Facebook videos, tweets, and Instagram photos will document his journey each day (as long as he can find a peak with cellular reception).

Tony is making this mountain trek with no sleeping bag, no tent, and only three days' worth of food. A collapsible fishing rod and lure kit will be used to provide additional nutrition, and he has stayed hydrated by melting snow over the campfire and filtering stream water. He also gathers wild edibles, such as the rose hips he identifies in one video. All camera gear and electronics will be powered by a Goal Zero battery and solar panel system.

Left: Tony's 71-mile course. Right: the gear he's carrying on this trek.

Left: Tony's 71-mile course. Right: the entirety of the gear he's carrying on this trek.

So, the journey may be interesting, but what is this NWS tool all about? It's a rectangular card-style tool, designed to fit in a wallet, and comprised of four main components:

  1. A ferrocerium rod, machined with threads and a Phillips screwdriver tip
  2. Left-side steel tool, with blade/striker and various hex tools
  3. Right-side steel tool, with can opener, flathead screwdriver, and more hex tools
  4. Center resin-saturated pitch wood, which can be shaved or broken down into fire tinder

Prival NWS survival edc multi tool fire starter 2

The wood grain is designed to span laterally, so that pieces can be snapped off easily without compromising the tool's structure. All Prival NWS tools are made in Utah, with an emphasis on sustainable and locally-sourced materials. The NWS tool is currently available to Kickstarter backers for $10, but that price is expected to increase once the Kickstarter campaign ends.

For daily updates on Tony's wilderness journey, visit the Prival USA Facebook page. To learn more about the NWS fire-starter EDC tool, visit the Kickstarter page.

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