Magpul has announced that it will be expanding the successful Magpul CORE gloves line with the addition of more color options. Until this point, most CORE gloves were offered in any color you wanted—as long as it was black. Now, however, the company is offering more choices to the consumer, and that's always a good thing.

Magpul Core gloves 1

We previously wrote about the Magpul CORE Ranch gloves, one of the many application-specific variants the company offers. Here's a quick breakdown of the CORE gloves, and the purpose of each:

  • CORE Breach – Maximum protection and armored knuckles for hard use, while preserving comfort and dexterity.
  • CORE Breach FR – Same as above, but with Kevlar FR thread added for flame resistance.
  • CORE Flight – Excellent flexibility and Nomex fire-resistant material for aviation use.
  • CORE Patrol – Soft, lightweight, and durable for general field use.
  • CORE Ranch – Classic leather style with high-tech upgrades for modern ranchers.
  • CORE Technical – Ultra-light and form-fitting with excellent tactile feedback for precise tasks.

Magpul Core gloves 6

There's something for just about everyone there, but it's nice to see Magpul adding more color choices to the lineup. The Technical, Patrol, and Breach gloves were originally only available in black, but now they're shipping in Charcoal and Coyote Brown. The Flight gloves now have an added Sage/Charcoal color combo as well.

We're not saying you need to go all-out and match your gloves to the rest of your outfit to create a unified ensemble. However, these new colors can help you blend into your surroundings better, and that's a move in the right direction for survival.

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