If you've spent time browsing through survival- and preparedness-related videos on YouTube, you'll inevitably realize one thing: there are millions upon millions of these videos on the Internet. These days, high-definition cameras can be found just about everywhere—cell phones, motorcycle helmets, car dashboards, and firearm picatinny rails, among other places. The proliferation of compact, inexpensive, and durable cameras makes it easier to film your adventures, and to share them with the world.

MT Camera Mounts 2

If a camera mount can handle falling out of an airplane at terminal velocity, we'd say it's pretty solid.

However, for hard-use outdoor scenarios, the camera mount you choose can be just as important as the camera itself. If you're filming yourself kayaking through some rapids, and your suction cup mount fails, your nice camera (and all its footage) could be lost forever. Even if you're simply recording a day hike, it can be frustrating to deal with a camera mount that keeps slipping, coming loose, or bouncing around as you walk.

Modern Technocracy mounts are designed for a variety of recording devices and attachment styles.

Fortunately for guys like us, the team at Modern Technocracy has produced a solution. Their new MT camera mounts are tailored to those who love the outdoors, as well as extreme sports athletes who really push the limits of camera equipment. In fact, these mounts were developed with the help of more than a dozen prolific GoPro athletes: Aaron Chase, Ben Brown, Bo Bridges, Bucky Lasek, Damien LeRoy, Harley Ingleby, Jamie Sterling, Jeb Corliss, Julian Carr, Mitch Bergsma, Shon Bollock, Sunny Garcia and Reno Makani.

If you've watched the X-Games, you'll probably recognize guys like Bucky Lasek.

If you're a fan of surfing, skateboarding, or other extreme sports, you'll probably recognize several of...

With the help of these individuals, MT has created a lineup of professional-grade mounts with some very clever patented features. They're universal and modular, so you can swap out a GoPro for a cell phone in seconds, all while using the same mount. Also, these mounts use high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber, and lock down tightly to maintain fixed camera angles.

Modern Technocracy has now started a crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of these new MT camera mounts. If you enjoy filming with a cell phone, GoPro, or action cam, we'd encourage you to check it out—purchasing mounts through the crowdfunding campaign will also get you a considerable discount off the MSRP.

MT Camera Mounts 1

To read more about MT's new product lineup, click here for a PDF catalog.

Regardless, as outdoor photographers, we always like to see gear being developed that can take as much abuse as our cameras inevitably do. Whether you're talking about camera equipment or survival gear, it's no good to anyone if it's broken.

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