Although the term “gray man” has fallen out of favor somewhat in recent years due to its frequent misuse, the underlying principle is a valid one: it's usually best to blend in rather than stand out in a crowd. In most urban settings, military-style packs with MOLLE webbing are few and far between, so it may be preferable to carry something a bit more discreet. This was the impetus behind the 5.11 Tactical LV (a.k.a. low vis) line of bags and packs, which debuted a few years ago. This week, the company announced several updates to the line, dubbed the 5.11 Tactical LV 2.0 series.

5.11 Tactical LV18 2.0 Backpack

Version 2.0 of the LV18 backpack received new Duraflex buckles on the exterior, which are said to be easier to operate than the previous buckles, especially while wearing gloves. It also has several updates to the internal organization. The ambidextrous side-entry CCW pocket now features more loop fabric as well as a removable holster retention band, providing more versatility for positioning a carry pistol inside the pack. There's also a taller padded laptop sleeve with a retention strap to keep your computer from shifting around. Additional webbing straps allow this backpack to integrate with the LV6 Waist Pack discussed below, essentially turning it into a waist belt with extra pockets. MSRP for the LV18 2.0 is $145, and it's available in blue-grey Turbulence, Black, and Python green.

5.11 Tactical LV10 2.0 Sling Bag

The updated LV10 also comes with new Duraflex buckles, much like the LV18. Other new features include a removable holster retention strap, a tablet retention strap in the tablet sleeve, and a quick-detach CAM buckle on the sling bag's main strap. MSRP is $115, and this bag is currently available only in Python green.

5.11 Tactical LV6 2.0 Waist Pack

For version 2.0 of the LV6, 5.11 Tactical added Duraflex buckles as well as a quick-release S/R buckle on the waist strap. The rest of this pack remains unchanged, with various interior organizer pockets, a concealed slip compartment behind the main compartment, and side compression straps. As we mentioned before, it's designed to pair up seamlessly with the LV18 2.0 backpack. MSRP for the new LV6 is $42, and it's available in blue-grey Turbulence, Black, and Python green.

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