Some in the outdoor community look down on so-called “glamping”, but we'd say this disdain is not always deserved. Admittedly, staying in a fancy tent a stone's throw away from your car doesn't really provide the same experience as hiking up a remote trail with all your gear on your back. However, this more laid-back form of camping provides a fun and relaxing way to get outdoors with the whole family.

Aquaforno II kitchen backpack outdoor stove oven grill cooking food fire 2

Another advantage to glamping is the ability to cook more advanced food. Rather than sticking to lightweight freeze-dried food and trail mix, you'll be able to grill, fry, saute, bake, roast, and even smoke your grub. That dutch oven and cast iron pan set would be exhausting to carry on a long backpacking trip, but they're perfect for a campground cookout with friends.

Aquaforno, a small family-run company from the UK, has released a new outdoor stove system that looks like it'd be just right for this sort of trip. The new Aquaforno II is an updated and improved version of the company's original stove, and it's currently receiving funding on IndieGoGo for a mass-production run.

Aquaforno II kitchen backpack outdoor stove oven grill cooking food fire 4

The Aquaforno II stove is a three-tier telescoping device that can compress down to fit in a backpack-style carrying case. The stove is said to function as a “BBQ grill, pizza oven, rotisserie, smoker, water boiler, clothes dryer and outdoor heater all in one”. Its tiers function as follows:

  1. Base with tripod legs, removable grill top, and water boiler with spigot.
  2. Raised grill for less direct heat application — toasting, warming, or frying with a pan or wok.
  3. Oven top — a large space for cooking meat, baking casseroles or pizza, heating a Dutch oven, or smoking.

Aquaforno II kitchen backpack outdoor stove oven grill cooking food fire 3

The Aquaforno II can be used with wood, charcoal, or gas (with optional gas burner). It includes a pizza stone, a double-lined insulated lid with integrated thermometer, and pop-out side hangers for drying out wet clothing or holding utensils. A rotisserie kit for roasting meat and a paella pan for cooking stews are also available as options. The entire system packs down to 12×17 inches and weighs 44 pounds.

For those who pre-order the Aquaforno II on IndieGoGo, the kit is available at $239 for black finish or $299 for stainless. Retail MSRP is expected to be $339 and $399, respectively. For more info, check out the Aquaforno II IndieGoGo project page.

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