The city of Solingen, Germany has developed the nickname “The City of Blades” as a result of the bladesmithing industry that has resided there for thousands of years. Since the Middle Ages, swords and knives produced in Solingen have been renowned for their quality, and this tradition lives on thanks to the presence of respected German knife-makers such as Wüsthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, and Böker. This year, the latter company will be celebrating 150 years of knife-making.

Boker Camp Knife 150th Anniversary Series pocket knife folding blade tool 3

Böker's 150th Anniversary will be commemorated with the release of an exclusive Anniversary Series of knives. Each model in the series will be related to “an important part of Boker history” and “represent a kind of overview over the years of production.” A Böker press release announced that these knife models will be made in the Solingen factory exclusively for the U.S. market, with individual serial numbers and a limit of 150 units per model. They'll also include a certificate of authenticity and special Anniversary Series packaging.

The standard Camp Knife

The standard Camp Knife

One of the models included in the Böker 150th Anniversary Series is the company's very first folding knife, the Camp Knife. Believe it or not, this little folder has been handmade in Solingen since 1869, pre-dating even the venerable Swiss Army Knife (first produced in 1891). Böker says it has been “in production longer than any other multifunctional knife.” It includes two 4034 stainless steel blades, a can opener, a cap lifter, a leather punch and reamer, a cork screw, a flathead screwdriver, and a lanyard loop.

The 150th Anniversary Series Camp Knife

The 150th Anniversary Series Camp Knife

The Anniversary Series Camp Knife differs from the standard model in several ways. Its handle scales are made from stabilized dark green Curly Birch, and its blades have a unique finish that's said to be somewhere between full-polished and satin. There are prominent inscriptions on the flat of the blade, reading “150 Jahre 1869 – 2019.” This lettering is etched in black, and the period-correct 1869 Böker logo is etched with genuine gold. The handle also bears an old-style Böker tree logo.

Böker says the 150th Anniversary Series Camp Knife will debut in Spring 2019, along with other Anniversary Series models such as the Cub fixed blade. Pricing has not yet been published for these models. For more details, keep an eye on this Spring.

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