If you've spent enough time outdoors, you're probably familiar with the unpleasant feeling of water seeping into your shoes. Maybe you lost your footing while crossing a creek, got caught in a sudden rainstorm, or simply walked through a field full of dew-soaked tall grass. Whatever the case, it's always miserable to feel the water saturate your sock like a sponge, and know that you're going to have to live with wet feet until you can dry them out over a fire.

Browning Watson Hastings hunting boots footwear 2

The Wellington style of slip on boots has been used by hunters since the early 1800s, and Browning has released two new upland hunting boot designs inspired by this classic Wellington format. The Browning Watson and Hastings boots are both outfitted with Climate Command waterproofing, so they'll keep water away from your feet in the situations we mentioned above.

Browning Watson Hastings hunting boots footwear 4

Both of these new Browning boots offer all-leather construction, and are embossed with the Browning Buckmark logo at the heel. The difference between the models visible at the toe section — the Watson boot has a smooth toe, while the Hastings has a moccasin-style toe with additional stitching.

Left: Browning Hastings boot. Right: Browning Watson boot.

Left: Hastings boot. Right: Watson boot.

The Browning Watson and Hastings hunting boots are available in men's sizes from 8 to 13, including three half sizes: 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5. Both boots are available at an MSRP of $150. For more information, go to BrowningFootwear.com.

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