Cloud Defensive is one of the leading names in weapon-mounted lights, with the exceptionally-durable OWL and versatile REIN receiving praise across the industry. Several members of our staff, myself included, own these lights and have had great experiences with them. However, there are a few lighting categories that Cloud hasn't entered yet. The first is pistol lights — they've been teasing the EPL series, and we're looking forward to its release in the future. The second is handheld lights, and that's why we're glad to report that the wait is almost over. The Cloud Defensive MCH handheld flashlight design, specs, and approximate release date have been revealed.

The New Cloud Defensive MCH

The MCH (left) next to a Cloud Defensive OWL (right)

MCH, which stands for Mission Configurable Handheld, is a modular flashlight that will offer various body, head, tailcap, and pocket clip options. This configurable design will allow each user to set up the MCH with his or her desired color temperature, candela, battery life, tailcap feel, and so on. The MCH will be covered by a transferable lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Read on as we go over some of the options that have been announced already.

Body Choices: Full-Size 18650 or Micro 18350

The MCH will be available in two body sizes. The Micro (above left) takes an 18350 battery; the Full-Size (above right) takes an 18650. These are approximately the size of a single CR123 or double CR123 battery configuration, but these lights don't use those old-style disposable batteries. Instead, each light includes an 18350 or 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable cell, much like Cloud Defensive's weapon lights.

Each light is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a Type III “hard coat” anodized finish. Black and FDE lights have already been shown, but it seems likely that Cloud Defensive will eventually offer other color options such as OD green, clear anodized, camo, and even “moonshine” as previously offered on the OWL and REIN.

Head Choices: EDC, High Candela, and More

At time of launch, two heads will be available for the Cloud Defensive MCH. These will be designated MCH-EDC and MCH-HC. The EDC model is the standard model, designed for every-day carry and general-purpose use. It offers a balance between strong candela for long range and spill for close range.

MCH-EDC Pending Specs:

  • Estimated 30,000 Candela.
  • Estimated 1,400 Lumens.
  • At at a confirmed 4000-5000K light temperature, it is a phenomenal Every Day Carry option that displays coloration similar to the older incandescent bulbs.
  • Estimated 18650 run-time is 90 minutes.
  • Estimated 18350 run-time is 35 minutes.

The HC model stands for high candela, which is ideal for long-range use as well as cutting through photonic barriers such as window tint. Some might refer to the HC as a “tactical” light, since its specs indicate it would be well-suited to law-enforcement and other duty applications. Cloud Defensive says it may be “too intense” for use in enclosed spaces or for admin tasks such as map-reading.

MCH-HC Pending Specs:

  • Estimated 70,000 Candela.
  • Estimated 1,100 Lumens it performs in a way nobody else can.
  • Uses a proprietary and customized Mil-Std coating on our Low-Iron AR glass that moves the light temperature from 6000K down to 5200k. This creates a penetrating white light that is warm enough to defeat photonics barriers and cool enough to be highly disruptive on target.
  • Estimated 18650 run-time is 80 minutes.
  • Estimated 18350 run-time is 30 minutes.

Other Heads Coming Soon

You may have noticed that the MCH-EDC and MCH-HC both offer fixed lumen output (1,400 and 1,100, respectively). Many users prefer high and low modes for close-range admin tasks and longer battery life. Thankfully, Cloud Defensive has mentioned plans to offer another head with this functionality.

In a comment on the official Instagram page, a representative explained that it's uncertain if the high/low mode head will be available at launch. “We will have that available as soon as possible, but we are still trying to get all the timelines figured out,” the comment explained.

Cloud Defensive MCH heads are fully interchangeable with both body sizes, and will be sold individually on the company's web site.

Pocket Clip Choices: Deep-Carry Steel or Thyrm SwitchBack

Cloud Defensive MCH with optional Thyrm SwitchBack clip/finger ring

The MCH will ship with a standard deep-carry spring steel pocket clip with a black nitride finish. At time of publication, we haven't seen photos of this clip yet, but several photos have been published of the other option: a Cloud-Defensive-branded Thyrm SwitchBack. The Switchback features a polymer pocket clip plus a finger ring that helps retain the light during one-handed use (especially alongside a firearm).

Tailcap Choices: Three Included ND Protectors

There's no worse feeling than reaching for a flashlight when you really need it, only to find the battery is dead. For any light with a raised tailcap button, there's a chance of a negligent discharge (ND) if an object presses that button while it's in a pocket or on a belt. Cloud Defensive has worked around this by including three “ND protectors” with each MCH flashlight.

The low-profile protector (pictured above left) is intended to offer maximum access to the button, and is well-suited to use with a Thyrm SwitchBack. The other two create medium and tall barriers to protect the button from unintended activation. Cloud Defensive says they're user-serviceable and take about 10 seconds to swap out.

Cloud Defensive MCH MSRP and Availability

Cloud Defensive says the MCH will be offered at an MSRP of $220, but early birds will be able to snag the first batch of MCHs at a one-day launch price of $200.

At time of publication, the exact launch date hasn't been announced, but Cloud Defensive has confirmed it will be released in Q1 of 2022. So, we hope to have one of these lights in our hands for a full review by the end of March.

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