From the first day we saw it, we always thought the CRKT Provoke karambit looked futuristic, perhaps even a bit otherworldly. However, we didn't suspect that this Oregon-based knifemaker would release a new special edition to further accentuate that theme. Specifically, it's tied in to a sci-fi franchise that everyone will recognize — one that's going to rise back into the public eye later this month. For obvious legal reasons, CRKT delicately avoids mentioning the franchise by name, but says the new Imperial White Provoke is “perfectly suited for a galaxy far, far away.” We suspect the Mouse Emperor and his lawyer legions might not look kindly upon it if they were any more specific.

This knife features an “Imperial White” scheme with black accents. The finish is achieved with a Cerakote H series coating, appropriately known as H-297 Stormtrooper White. CRKT calls it “the brightest white in the ceramic coatings industry” and says it exhibits the hardness, abrasion-resistance, and lubricity you'd expect from classic Cerakote.

Mechanically, the Imperial White Provoke remains unchanged from the standard version. It's made from D2 steel with 6061-T6 aluminum crossbars, and its Kinematic opening mechanism allows the 2.4-inch curved blade to slide forward in a snap. The handle ring features an integrated, spring-loaded pocket clip that sits flush when it's not in use.

MSRP for the Imperial White Provoke is $200. For more information, go to For a video demonstration of how the mechanism works, check out self-defense instructor Patrick Vuong's review here.

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