The Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT, is a legendary hiking route that extends from southern California to British Columbia, Canada. It reaches from just above sea level to a staggering 13,000 feet, travels across numerous mountain ranges and national forests, and covers 2,659 miles of wilderness. Although there's no single route that can fully sum up the terrain of North America, the PCT certainly comes close.

Danner Trail 2650 PCT hiking trail shoe footwear lightweight boots shoes 2

Oregon-based footwear company Danner has paid homage to the Pacific Crest Trail with its latest hiking shoe release. It's dubbed the Trail 2650, referring to the number of miles spanned by the trail, and is designed to be ultra-lightweight and flexible. As a spring- and summer-oriented shoe, breathability was also a top priority.

Danner Trail 2650 PCT hiking trail shoe footwear lightweight boots shoes 1

The Danner Trail 2650 is based on a lightweight EVA midsole, durable Trailguard TPU shank, and rugged Vibram 460 outsole. The company says this tread pattern “provides superior traction across slippery and challenging terrain”. This shoe also features Danner's EXO heel system, which locks the wearer's heel in place in an effort to avoid slippage that can lead to blisters.

Alternate colorways for the Men's Trail 2650.

Alternate colorways for the Men's Trail 2650

The Trail 2650's upper is constructed from leather and textile with a breathable mesh lining. It also comes with red laces, which have become an easy-to-spot Danner styling cue. Overall weight of the shoe is just under 12 ounces.

Women's Trail 2650

Women's Trail 2650

This new footwear will be available in Spring 2019 for both men and women, with an MSRP of $150. For more info, go to

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