Ernest Emerson is a living legend in the knife community, and for good reason. First, there's the wave-shaped opening feature he developed, which enables users to quickly open a folding blade without the need for an assisted-opening or automatic mechanism. More importantly, Emerson has made strides to grow the tactical knife industry as a whole, designing and producing many blades for military, law enforcement, and even NASA.

Left: the Emerson SARK, designed for Navy search and rescue. Right: the Emerson NASA knife, with a special hook for opening food packages.

Left: Emerson SARK (Search and Rescue Knife). Right: Emerson NASA knife, with a gut hook tip for opening food packages.

Recently, Emerson Knives has announced the release of a new special-edition folding knife, known as the Emerson Scalawag. A scalawag is an trickster or rascal, and this blade is inspired by that unpredictable spirit.

Emerson Knives folding blades Scalawag Signature 2

The knife is part of the Emerson Signature Series, and its limited-production release will consist of only 120 units. Each will be hand-signed by Ernest Emerson himself, and include a handwritten serial number.

Emerson Knives folding blades Scalawag Signature 1

The Emerson Scalawag consists of a 3.6-inch 154CM blade, hardened to RC 57-59, with a stonewashed finish and double-V grind. The wave-shaped opening feature and thumb disc are found on many other Emerson blades, but the deep choil along the blade's base is a unique addition. This permits the user to grip the knife with a forefinger in the choil for added control.

Emerson Knives folding blades Scalawag Signature 4

The Scalawag's handle features a 6AL-4V titanium liner lock, flanked by black textured G10 scales. There's also a black pocket clip, black hardware, and a built-in lanyard hole. Folded shut, the knife measures 4.7 inches long, and it weighs 5 ounces.

Emerson Knives folding blades Scalawag Signature 5

This knife is available at an MSRP of $225, until all 120 units are sold. Buyers can also customize the blade with a few additional options: a skull lanyard ($15), serrations ($5), or reversed pocket clip for left-hand carry ($25). For more information on the Emerson Scalawag, visit

Emerson has also announced the release of a new X-HD Karambit, which we snuck a photo of at Blade Show. Our friends at will be writing about it in the near future — stay tuned for a link.

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