When it comes to survival gear, versatility is a major concern. If you have a tool that works extremely well in one specific setting but struggles in all other cases, it's probably too specialized to be of much use in the long run. This is why we often carry compact multi-tools instead of lugging around a toolbox full of single-use items.

Just like these other tools, flashlights offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, and intended purposes. However, if you're going to rely on a single flashlight for every-day carry or emergency use, it needs to be versatile enough to provide the illumination you need in a variety of settings. This desire for maximum versatility led to the development of flashlights with beam-focusing optics. This category of lights features an adjustable lens, which moves closer to or further from the LED light source, changing the beam angle on demand.

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 4

Fenix has recently announced that it will be offering a line of beam-focusing flashlights for 2017. The new Fenix FD Series is launching with two lights: the FD30 and the FD41.

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 8

The FD30 (seen here) and the FD41 are both designed for pocket carry and EDC use.

Both the Fenix FD30 and FD41 are constructed from tough anodized aluminum, which is impact-resistant to 1 meter drops and IP68 waterproof to 2 meter depth. Both lights also produce a maximum of 900 lumens, and are controlled by a combination of two switches:

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 5

  • Tail cap switch – Turns the light on and off, with a half-press for momentary mode and a full-press for constant-on.
  • Side switch – Cycles through five output modes: Turbo (900 lumens), High (350 lumens), Medium (150 lumens), Low (10 lumens), Strobe

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 7

These lights also offer dual-battery compatibility, and can run on a single rechargeable 18650 lithium cell or two CR123A batteries. To adjust the optical lens and beam pattern, the ridged focusing ring is twisted clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 6

The new Fenix lights share many functional similarities, but the key difference between the FD30 and FD41 is dimensions. The FD30 (above) is the smaller light, with a 5.5-inch long by 0.9-inch diameter body, and a 1-inch diameter head. The FD30 flood light reaches 67 meters, while the focused spotlight reaches 200 meters. MSRP is $75.

Fenix FD beam focusing flashlight light LED EDC 2

The FD41 is slightly larger, with a 5.7-inch by 1-inch body, and a flared 1.6-inch diameter head. The FD41 also offers a crenelated bezel, for use as an impact weapon in self-defense scenarios. The FD41's larger head diameter provides more adjustability and range — its flood light has a 47-meter range, while the fully-focused spotlight reaches 340 meters. MSRP is $85.

For more information on the new Fenix FD series flashlights, visit FenixLight.com.

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