In the wilderness, a pair of good boots is worth its weight in gold. Poor-quality, unsupportive, or uncomfortable footwear can slow your daily trekking progress to a crawl. This effect only gets worse as terrain difficulty increases. Inadequate boots can even lead to serious injury as a result of a slip and fall, a twisted ankle, or a blister that opens the door to infection. For all these reasons, finding the right footwear is paramount for any outdoor adventure.

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Fortunately, while synthetic materials and manufacturing techniques have come a long way in the last 100 years, the basic design characteristics of boots have remained relatively constant. Danner was founded in 1932, and has been producing American-made boots with the same core principles since then. Rugged soles, durable leather, and a time-tested lace-up design — it's a formula that works in the backwoods.

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This year, Danner has announced a new collaboration with another even older gear brand. Filson was established in Seattle in 1897, and is still known for its tough outdoor clothing, from flannel work shirts to wool sweaters and leather jackets.

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Filson and Danner have teamed up to produce the Filson x Danner Grouse boot. These 8-inch boots blend full-grain brown leather from Danner, water-resistant waxed tin cloth from Filson, GORE-TEX lining, and a Vibram Sierra outsole.

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The Filson x Danner Grouse is being manufactured in Danner's Portland, Oregon facility, and each boot bears a clear “Made in USA” tag on its collar. However, a press release stated that production of these collab boots will be limited to 375 pairs, so it should be considered a limited-time project.

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These hunting boots are available at Filson and Danner retail stores, or online at or Their MSRP is $390, and they range in size from 8 to 13 (standard D width).

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