Whether you're an experienced medical professional or an ordinary survivalist with limited first-aid training, it's wise to have the right gear on hand for medical emergencies. Basic medications and bandages can be used to stabilize minor injuries, while quick-clot gauze and tourniquets can save lives in the minutes following a disaster. However, having all the right gear isn't enough — it needs to be organized for fast access.

First Tactical EMS jump bags first aid medical pack 2

First Tactical has released a new line of EMS Jump Bags designed for first responders. Two sizes are currently available: a  22″ x 12″ x 12″ Large Jump Bag for advanced life support (ALS) and a Medium Jump Bag for basic life support (BLS). Both bags are designed with a rigid-sided three-quarter zip opening. Rather than laying the lid flat on the ground and scattering items, this layout quickly displays all of the contents in an organized manner.

The First Tactical jump bags feature a rubber molded bottom layer and easy-clean exterior, so they can resist dirt, grime, and abrasion.  They're available in high-visibility red or yellow, and can be carried in a duffel bag or backpack configuration via the First Tactical Jump Pack Harness System. The interior of these bags is lined with hook-and-loop material for customizable pouch placement and tear-away access.

First Tactical EMS jump bags first aid medical pack 5

The Large Jump Bag is available at an MSRP of $199, and the Medium Jump Bag is $179. For more information about these emergency medical bags, go to FirstTactical.com.

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