Following the widespread coverage of the Glock Gen5 pistol reveal — click here to read a full recap on RECOILweb — there has been another noteworthy development from the Austrian firearm manufacturer. A new pistol known as the Glock 46 has been developed, and it has some features that mark a major departure from the rest of the company's products.

Glock 46 Gen5 rotary barrel pistol handgun gun defense law enforcement 2

A cutaway drawing illustrating the rotary barrel design.

The Glock 46 was reportedly designed to meet the specifications of German law enforcement. It features many of the Gen5 changes, including an ambidextrous slide stop and lack of finger grooves on the grip. However, there's also a much larger beavertail that isn't present on other Gen5 models.

Glock 46 Gen5 rotary barrel pistol handgun gun defense law enforcement 1


Most interestingly, the Glock 46 uses a rotating barrel design that differs from the tilting barrel seen on other Glock models. This feature correlates with patent applications filed by Glock, and also means that the gun can be taken down without having to pull the trigger.

For more photos, technical drawings, and future updates on the Glock 46, check out the original article on

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