For many years, we've made a point to stash an emergency go-bag in each of our vehicles. These bags are less comprehensive than a full-fledged bug-out bag — the sort of pack we'd choose to meet all foreseeable needs in a long-term survival scenario — and are instead focused on short-term necessities. This means clothing and basic toiletries for an unexpected overnighter, food and water in case we end up stuck in the vehicle, a trauma kit for medical emergencies, batteries and chargers for our important electronics, basic tools, and a weapon in case things really go downhill. This way, we're never unprepared, even if we're running a quick errand on a moment's notice.

The team at Grey Ghost Gear have released their own take on the go-bag theme, known as the RRS Transport Bag. They say this duffel-style bag was “developed at the behest of several LEOs and First Responders from a cross-section of agencies in a large metropolitan area.” Now that the design has been tested in the field by these agencies, it's being made available to the general public as a go-bag or range bag.

The RRS Transport Bag has a large main compartment that will fit a folded SBR or PDW. This compartment also has a pair of zippered mesh pockets, six elastic loops for pistol mags or other tools, and a hook-and-loop surface to attach pouches or a holster. Each end of the bag has large pouches with buckle closures for stowing medical gear or other items you need to access quickly. The side of the bag offers five rifle mag pouches as well.

This bag is constructed from 500D Cordura, and includes dual carry handles plus a removable shoulder strap. MSRP is $86, and it's available in black, coyote brown, or ranger green. For more information on the RRS Transport, go to

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