When most of us think of air rifles, we think of the old pump-action and break-barrel models that lined sporting goods store shelves during our childhoods. Those airguns are fun for plinking, but shooting more than once in quick succession is a challenge, especially if a moving target is involved. Thankfully, airgun technology has come a long way in recent decades, and powerful semi-automatic models are widely available. Hatsan USA recently released a new airgun in this category known as the Hatsan Invader PCP (short for Pre-Charged Pneumatic). It features interchangeable air cylinders and magazines, as well as a muzzle velocity up to 1,100 feet per second with .22 caliber pellets.

The new Hatsan Invader is a semi-auto airgun available in either .22 or .25 caliber. It includes three detachable S/Roto magazines, each of which holds 12 or 10 rounds (.22 or .25, respectively). It features a modern-style all-weather stock with an integrated pistol grip, textured grip surfaces, and four Picatinny accessory rails. The stock also includes an adjustable cheekpiece, rubber buttpad, and integrated sling mounts. A detachable carry handle with adjustable iron sights is included, but this can be removed and replaced with a red dot sight or scope of your choice.

As the airgun is fired, a built-in pressure gauge displays the remaining pressure in the 255cc air cylinder. Hatsan says that when they're filled to the maximum 200 BAR of pressure, each cylinder can be used for “up to 50 semi-automatic shots within 85% of max velocity.” Once a cylinder is depleted, it can be swapped for another pre-charged cylinder in seconds — no struggling with manual pumps or springs. Replacement cylinders are sold for $150 new or $100 refurbished. MSRP for the Hatsan Invader is $610. For more information, go to hatsanairgunsusa.com.

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