Last Friday, we flew out to Georgia to attend the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot event — you may have seen our on-site coverage on our Instagram page as well as RECOIL's Facebook live videos. While visiting the Inforce booth at the range, one of the representatives pulled us aside and said he had something new to show us. He then presented the pre-production prototype of the company's latest weapon-mounted light, currently referred to as the Inforce 9 Zero.

The BDU Epic Shoot is an annual invitation-only event for manufacturers and media.

We had the opportunity to snap a few quick photos of the new flashlight, and then inquired about its details. Each Inforce 9 Zero is made from machined aluminum, and includes a reversible picatinny rail mount with a built-in activation button. Both 45-degree and 90-degree-mount versions of the light will be available — the pictured example is the latter. The button offers momentary (half-press) and constant-on (click) activation modes.

As seen above, there's also a sliding lockout switch that prevents inadvertent activation when the weapon is being transported or stored.

A rubber dust cover on the back of the light flips open to reveal a tape switch attachment point. This switch will attach via strong magnets, requiring roughly 10 pounds of pull strength to remove the cable from the socket. The onboard switch can still be used alongside the tape switch, offering redundancy in case one of these elements is damaged in the field.

The new Inforce 9 Zero light is powered by either a single 18650 lithium battery or two CR123 batteries. With the 18650, it will produce 1,300 lumens and run for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. With the CR123s, output decreases slightly to 1,100 lumens.

Inforce tells us that the 9 Zero will retail for $220 with the 90-degree mount, or $240 with the 45-degree mount. The tape switch will be sold separately for about $50. Estimated ship date for the first batch is January 2020, which means that we should be able to get our hands on the final production version at SHOT Show that month.

We also hear that Inforce will soon be releasing two new all-metal pistol lights, a two-battery light and a single-battery compact light. Stay tuned for more info here on OFFGRIDweb, or check out for more on the company's lighting products.

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