For many, buying made-in-the-USA products can be a difficult decision as a result of limited finances. Of course, it's nice to buy locally-made products and support American businesses, but the bottom line is that these items must first be affordable.

Kershaw Dividend folding knife blade USA 1

If an item is made in the USA, but it's far outside your budget, you may have to compromise and settle for a more affordable option. Fortunately, Kershaw has recently introduced some new EDC folding knives that make this purchasing decision easier. They're made in the USA, but also affordably-priced, starting at $60.

The Kershaw Link

The American-made Kershaw Link (right) led to the development of the new Dividend.

The first knife in this series was the Link, which we tested and carried as part of our EDC. We liked this blade a lot, and apparently so did others — the success of the Link model has led Kershaw to release a follow-up design. This all-new folding knife is called the Dividend, and like the Link, it's made at Kershaw's Tualatin, Oregon factory.

Kershaw Dividend folding knife blade USA 4

The Kershaw Dividend is a slim and sleek design, intended for comfortable pocket carry. Its 3-inch blade has a simple drop-point design with a broad belly, which looks to be ideal for slicing packages and other daily tasks. The blade is constructed from Kershaw's reliable 420HC steel, the same material used on the Link, as well as the tried-and-true Chive and Scallion blades.

Kershaw Dividend folding knife blade USA 5

The Dividend is a flipper design, with Kershaw's SpeedSafe assisted-opening tech and a simple liner lock mechanism. The standard Dividend model is priced at $60, and features a textured glass-filled nylon handle. For $10 extra, buyers can opt for the Dividend Gray, which has matte gray anodized aluminum handle scales for a sleeker appearance and heavier feel.

Kershaw Dividend folding knife blade USA 2

Kershaw snuck some nods to American heritage into this knife series — the Link is Model 1776, while the Dividend is Model 1812. We can only hope the Alamo 1836 or Emancipator 1860 are up next.

Kershaw Dividend folding knife blade USA 3

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