We often sing the praises of high-end $250+ knives, and there's no doubt that they're nice to own. However, for every-day carry purposes, is a knife that expensive really a requirement? We'd say it's not—in fact, there are lots of great EDC folding knives that can be had for well under $100. To put it in simpler terms, there's no need to drive a Lamborghini to work every day, when a trusty pickup truck will get the job done reliably (and you won't always be paranoid about scratching it).

First Tactical Diamondback folding knife 1

One newly-released example of an affordable daily-carry folding knife is the Diamondback from First Tactical. This 3.43-inch folding blade is priced at only $65, and it's available in either a tanto point or a modified spear point design.

Despite its inexpensive price, the guys at First Tactical didn't cut corners with the Diamondback's construction. The blade is made of AUS-8a high-quality Japanese stainless steel that's corrosion-resistant and easy to sharpen. It's one of our favorite EDC knife steels, and a great choice for this price range. The handle is formed from textured G-10, a material we like for its durability and light weight.

First Tactical Diamondback folding knife 2

Another handy feature on the First Tactical Diamondback is its Thumb Bridge, a platform bolted to the blade's spine above the thumb hole. This feature provides added leverage for cutting, and a convenient grab point to open the blade quickly. A sturdy liner lock holds the blade open, and a turned mount clip design makes sure it stays secure in your pocket when it's stowed.

First Tactical Diamondback folding knife 4

Here's a list of some of this blade's key features:

  1. Thumb Bridge Technology
  2. AUS-8 blade with satin black finish
  3. Thick liner lock mechanism
  4. Manual opening
  5. Turned mount pocket clip (prevents screws from backing out)
  6. G10 handle scales
  7. Ambidextrous right- or left-hand clip mounting options
  8. Includes extra screws and wrench

First Tactical Diamondback folding knife 3

For more information on the new First Tactical Diamondback folding knife, visit FirstTactical.com.

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