Luminox has announced the launch of several new watch models for Fall 2016. We'll show a few of our favorite designs here, so you can take a look at some of the latest Swiss-made timepieces from this renowned watch manufacturer. As with other Luminox watches, these models are intended for rigorous use by military personnel, including pilots and Navy SEALs.

Luminox watch ANU 6

First in the list of new models are the Authorized for Navy Use or ANU 4222 (top) and 4242 (bottom right) watches. Both are 45mm designs with quartz movement, and fall into Luminox's Sea Series. These watches offer 200-meter water resistance and a new stainless steel strap design. Existing models offer rubber and nylon straps. The 4222 features time and date functionality, and retails for $795. The 4242 offers full chronograph/date function, and retails for $1,100.

Next up in the line of new Luminox watches is the F117 Nighthawk series. These watches are offered in two models, the 6421 with a nylon band (above right), or the 6422 with a stainless steel bracelet (above left). Both are 45mm with quartz movement and offer a secondary time zone function for frequent flyers. The 6421 retails for $1,000, and the 6422 retails for $1,400.

Finally, there's the Carbon Seal 3800 series, with three new watch models. The case on these watches is made of a new composite material that uses 40% carbon in bar form, making the case ultra-light—about one third the weight of titanium. It's also more durable, scratch-, chemical-, and heat-resistant than most other materials on the market. The 3801 (above left) retails for $675, the 3802 (above center) retails for $750, and the 3813 (above right) retails for $675. Each sub-model offers a different face pattern and/or coloration.

For more information on what's new at Luminox, and to see the other models that we couldn't fit here, go to

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