Magpul has developed a surprisingly wide range of gear, from the ubiquitous PMAGs and MBUS sights to items you may not be familiar with, such as sunglassesgear pouches, and suppressor covers. Despite all this, the company hadn't ventured into the knife market — until now. Magpul recently announced the launch of a new limited-edition folding knife called the Rigger, which will go on sale starting in mid-2019.

Magpul Rigger framelock folding knife edc tool blade flipper S35VN 2

The Magpul Rigger is what knife guys refer to as a mid-tech, meaning it's somewhere between a standard production knife and a hand-made custom. It's designed by the Magpul team, made in the United States, and uses the type of materials you'd expect in a premium folder. Namely, the blade is CPM S35VN, one of our favorite EDC-friendly steels as a result of its excellent toughness and edge retention. The handle and reversible tip-up pocket clip are lightweight 6Al4V titanium. All parts are coated in a stealthy Blackout PVD finish.

Magpul Rigger framelock folding knife edc tool blade flipper S35VN 3

The Rigger uses a frame lock with a Secondary Locking Feature (SLF). This lever can be engaged to prevent accidental disengagement of the frame lock during hard use.

Magpul calls the blade a modified Wharncliffe, and it features a near-straight cutting edge and sharp piercing point. A flipper allows for quick opening of the knife and is aided by a ceramic bearing pivot. When the blade is open, the flipper acts as a guard and extension of the forefinger notch, preventing the user's hand from slipping forward. Blade length is 3.4 inches; overall length is 7.59 inches.

Magpul Rigger framelock folding knife edc tool blade flipper S35VN 4

The reversible clip includes an integral lanyard hole.

The Rigger will be available in “a series of short, serialized production runs,” each with some unique variations. Pricing hasn't yet been announced, but the mid-tech designation and limited production suggest it'll be $500 or more. Magpul plans to announce the first of these Rigger production runs in spring 2019.

For more on the Rigger and an interview with several members of the Magpul project team, check out this article on You can also watch a teaser video from Magpul below.

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