In nighttime self-defense scenarios, clear vision and positive target acquisition are crucial. These factors can help you make the split-second decision to pull the trigger or hold your fire. For this reason, we're always on the lookout for good weapon-mounted lights.

NightStick TWM pistol tactical flashlight gun weapon 2

NightStick has released a new series of weapon-mounted flashlights for 2017. The NightStick TWM series consists of four models:

  • TWM-350 – Standard-output 350-lumen flashlight
  • TWM-350S – Standard-output 350-lumen flashlight with strobe
  • TWM-850XL – High-output 850-lumen flashlight
  • TWM-850XLS – High-output 850-lumen flashlight with strobe

NightStick TWM pistol tactical flashlight gun weapon 4

Aside from the variation in lumens and strobe functionality, each light is built on the same 6061-T6 aluminum body, and includes rail adapters for common handguns (Glock, 1913, TSW/99, 90two). The gasket-sealed fiberglass-reinforced polymer battery door ensures these lights are IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter immersion and drop-resistant up to 2 meters. Each light runs on two included CR123 batteries.

NightStick TWM pistol tactical flashlight gun weapon 3

The NightStick TWM series features an ambidextrous dual-dependent switch with momentary-on and constant-on modes. The lights are operated according to the following diagram:

NightStick TWM pistol tactical flashlight gun weapon 5

Other lights in this category offer ambidextrous switches with momentary/constant-on operation, but many use a one-piece lever that inverts the control scheme for left-handed users. This unique two-piece switch design maintains an identical control scheme for left- and right-handed activation. A single push-button switch assembly is also available as a separate option for use on long guns.

The TWM-350 and 350S are available at an MSRP of $129, and the TWM-850XL and 850XLS is available at an MSRP of $151. For more information on the NightStick TWM series, go to

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