Whether you're hunting small game, shooting in competitions, or simply looking for a way to make the most of the pistol ammo you've accumulated, the concept of a 9mm pistol caliber carbine (PCC) is nothing new. Beyond that, “packable” PCCs are also a popular market segment, with the takedown Ruger PC Carbine and folding Kel-Tec SUB2000 being popular choices for shooters who want to stash their long guns in a backpack or vehicle. This week, Smith & Wesson released its own entry into the 9mm folding carbine segment, known as the Smith & Wesson FPC. It's based on the M&P pistol architecture, and it's compatible with full-size and compact double-stack M&P 9 pistol mags.

The New Smith & Wesson FPC

The FPC is a direct blowback carbine with 16.25-inch threaded barrel and integrated folding mechanism. Unlike the undeniably similar Kel-Tec SUB2000, the FPC folds in half laterally rather than vertically; this allows it to fold with optics mounted on the top rail. In addition to that Picatinny top rail, the handguard features 7-sided M-LOK slots for accessories.

Part M&P Pistol, Part Carbine

The lower half of the Smith & Wesson FPC is essentially just a compact M&P 9 M2.0 frame, complete with interchangeable backstraps, reversible mag release, ambidextrous bolt catch, and M2.0 flat face trigger. The frame also contains a button-release folding mechanism at the front, and a buffer tube at the rear.

The buffer tube has an ambidextrous “charging slide/handle” on the underside, and this part doubles as a retainer when this PCC is folded. The stock is also a unique design, with integrated storage for two 23-round magazines (included). These mags lock in place via a quick-release tab.

Each Smith & Wesson FPC comes with a 17-round magazine, two 23-round magazines, and a carrying bag that features storage pockets and Velcro retention straps. MSRP is $659. For more information on the new S&W FPC, go to Smith-Wesson.com.

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