First and foremost, a knife is a cutting tool, but there's more to it than that. A good knife needs to cut smoothly, but also to be durable and comfortable. And, while we're not about to bedazzle our blades with rhinestones and glitter, aesthetics also come into play. If all else is equal, most of us tend to gravitate towards knives that look cool and fit our taste.

Steel Will Gekko 1555 folding knife 5

Most knives play it safe in the looks department, sticking to varying quantities of silver and black. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this — most of my own EDC folders stick to these finishes — but it's also good to see more colorful options becoming available.

Steel Will Gekko 1555 folding knife 3

The new Steel Will Gekko 1555 uses an interesting shade of maroon micarta on its handle, paired with a black PVD-coated 3.5-inch blade and satin silver hardware. Steel Will says that this “may not be a typical color combination for folding knives, but it emphasizes the individuality of its owner.” Whether you love it or hate it, it's not a color you see very often on a knife.

Steel Will Gekko 1555 folding knife 4

The Gekko 1555 is made in Italy with a D2 steel blade hardened to 59-60 HRC and a sturdy lockback mechanism. This knife is part of the Gekko Mini family, though its 7.87-inch total length isn't really what we'd consider small. This knife tips the scales at 4.75 ounces, and includes a reversible pocket clip (tip-up only) and lanyard hole.

Steel Will Gekko 1555 folding knife 2

This knife is currently available for pre-order, but we're told it will be available soon. MSRP for the Gekko 1555 is $220. For more information, visit

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