How much is too much? It's a question that should be considered in all aspects of emergency prep, from the amount of weight in your backpack to the number of extra magazines you carry for your weapons. In the realm of flashlights, lumen output is the key variable to consider, since it affects both nighttime visibility and battery life. As you'd expect, more of one means less of the other, so picking a light with the ideal lumen output for your needs is essential.

SureFire offers lights with a wide range of output levels for different applications. (Pictured: SureFire Scout light)

SureFire has announced a new every-day carry (EDC) flashlight that pushes the boundaries of lumen output for a compact pocket-sized flashlight. The SureFire EDCL2-T, also known as the Every Day Carry Light 2, is an upgraded version of the company's well-known EB2 Backup light. While the EB2 produces 600 lumens from two CR123A batteries, the new EDCL2-T pumps out an incredible 1,200 lumens from the same power source.

SureFire EDCL2-T flashlight edc tool tactical light lumen 2

Some may claim that 1,200 lumens is too much for a light this size, but that all depends on your needs. If you're outdoors in a pitch-black wide-open space, this output will help you clearly illuminate faraway objects. It's also useful in self-defense situations for blinding attackers — we can attest that getting flashed head-on by a light this bright is sure to be disorienting. However, this power comes at a price, as the maximum claimed run time at full output is 1 hour.

SureFire EDCL2-T flashlight edc tool tactical light lumen 1

The SureFire EDCL2-T uses the company's Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens design, which is said to focus the light for a versatile blend of long throw distance and broad situational awareness. This light also offers a low-output mode of 5 lumens for map-reading and other close-up work. Run time in low mode is 60 hours.

SureFire EDCL2-T flashlight edc tool tactical light lumen 4

The EDCL2-T is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum with a grippy knurled texture, and offers a two-way clip that allows the user to carry the light bezel-up or -down. The last notable feature on this light is its tail cap switch. Unlike the EB2, it doesn't click in for constant-on — instead, it works as follows:

  • Slight press – momentary 5-lumen low output
  • Full press – momentary 1,200-lumen high output
  • Twist – constant on

SureFire EDCL2-T flashlight edc tool tactical light lumen 3

The new SureFire EDCL2-T is currently available at an MSRP of $179. For more information on this high-output EDC flashlight, go to

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