Under normal circumstances, pockets are great for carrying small items like your keys, phone, cards, and cash. However, there are times when pockets are definitely not the optimal place to store these valuables. If you're running, jumping, climbing, wading, or generally getting knocked around in a high-activity outdoor setting, the contents of your pockets are likely to get lost, soaked, or pulverized. THYRM recently relased a new product designed to protect your EDC items while keeping them close at hand — the THYRM DarkVault.

The DarkVault is available in OD green, FDE, rescue orange, and black.

At first glance, you'll notice the DarkVault is a gasket-sealed, hard-sided polymer clamshell case — that isn't exactly a new concept. We've used similar cases to stash small electronics and first aid gear in packs in the past. Measuring 7.2 by 5.4 by 1.7 inches, it fits most cell phones, including larger “phablets” such as the Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone XS Max.

However, there are some interesting features that set the DarkVault apart from traditional gear cases. First among these is the quick-detach MOLLE-compatible mount. This bracket attaches to webbing on backpacks, chest rigs, plate carriers, and other gear. When mounted vertically, such as on the front of a plate carrier, it serves as a fold-down tray table for your phone or GPS unit. Adjustable hinge friction prevents the lid from flopping open and dumping your gear on the ground.

Speaking of electronics, the standard DarkVault features 90+ dB of signal reduction between 300 and 1500 mHz. This blocks common signals from cell towers, Bluetooth, GPS, and many handheld radio frequencies, and offers the ability to take your devices off the grid temporarily. Alternatively, if you want to protect your electronics without losing connectivity, THYRM offers the DarkVault-Comms — the same case without signal-blocking.

The THYRM DarkVault also features holes for straps, latches, or locks to prevent tampering. Internal and external Velcro panels are included to prevent gear from sliding around, or to attach your favorite morale patches. The signal-blocking DarkVault retails for $90; the non-blocking DarkVault Comms retails for $60. For more information, go to THYRM.com.

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