Many of us started shooting firearms at a young age, often an air rifle or 10/22 passed down to us by parents or grandparents. But there may have been another projectile weapon we laid hands on long before this early experience — a slingshot. These simple but powerful tools have become associated with childhood and Dennis the Menace, but they're certainly not just for kids.

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Slingshots can be effective for small-game hunting in a survival scenario, and their ability to fire almost any small hard object makes them excellent for long-term situations when ammo might otherwise run out. They're also fun to practice with, whether you're knocking over soda cans in your backyard or plinking in the woods.

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TOPS Knives recently announced the release of a new tough metal slingshot, known simply as the TOPS Sling. Leo Espinoza, the president of TOPS Knives said, “Childhood memories. That’s why I designed it. I was just thinking back to when I was a kid and I used to make my own and wanted to do that again.”

TOPS sling slingshot hunting weapon tool 4

The TOPS Sling is made from the same tough 1095 high-carbon steel the company uses for most of its knives, with a tumble finish and black canvas micarta handle scales. The 3.5-inch forks are paired with green elastic rubber bands and a black leather shot pouch. Every TOPS Sling includes a brown leather sheath with a belt loop and retention snap strap.

MSRP for the TOPS Sling is $100. For more information on TOPS knives and gear, go to

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