Sleeping bags are great for camping and backpacking, but there's a reason we don't sleep in them at home every night — they're far more restrictive and stifling than a loose quilt. Mummy bags are especially tight-fitting, while rectangular bags offer more room. Last year, Zenbivy developed a system that blends the features of a quilt, rectangular bag, and mummy bag into one modular sleep system.

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Based on feedback from the original Zenbivy, the company has created a second model that offers reduced weight and a zipperless design. The new Zenbivy Light Bed recently launched via a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. It will be available in either a 10°F or 25°F temperature rating, each filled with 800 fill power HyperDRY water-resistant duck down.

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Like the original, the Zenbivy Light Bed is designed to be used in tandem with an air mattress. The lower layer of the Zenbivy system attaches to the mattress, providing a hood and under-body sheet, while the upper quilt layer attaches to the lower layer with hook-and-loop fasteners. This allows the Zenbivy Light Bed to be used as a flat standalone quilt, a wide rectangular bag, or a sealed mummy bag.

Zenbivy light bed quilt indiegogo shelter sleeping bag 3

To see how it works, check out the video below:

The Light Bed is available in Regular, Large, or Extra Large for either 20×72 or 25×77 mattress sizes. Weight ranges from 1lb 13oz to 2lbs 12oz; MSRP ranges from $359 to $469. “Early Bird Special” prices of about 20% off are available for a limited time via IndieGoGo. For more information, go to or check out the IndieGoGo campaign.

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