We'll admit we occasionally enjoy flashy knives with exotic materials, eye-catching finishes, and sometimes even impractical blade designs. We saw plenty of that sort of thing at Blade Show, and they're undeniably cool to look at. However, once you get out in the field, and actually start using the blade to baton firewood, gut fish, and slice through cordage, you'll realize that looks are unimportant. What really matters is that a survival knife's blade is simple, sharp, and built to last.

OKC Cerberus knife 2

Ontario Knife Company, or OKC, has released a new fixed-blade knife that fits this purposeful ideology to a T. It's called the OKC Cerberus, named after the mythical three-headed beast that guarded the gates of Hades. Ontario Knife Company says the blade can get you through hell and back, but we're not the type to take marketing taglines at face value. So, let's see what it has to offer.

The OKC Cerberus offers a clean design, with 10.2 inches of overall length and 4.8 inches of blade edge. The full-tang drop-point blade is constructed of D2, a durable tool steel with a hardness of 57-59 HRC. This steel has also been coated with a black zinc phosphate finish for corrosion resistance and reduced visibility.

OKC Cerberus knife 3

BladeHQ snapped this photo of a prototype Cerberus at this year's Shot Show.

Handle scales are formed from black G10, and have been sculpted to the contours of the hand, including a strong quillion to protect the user's index finger. The knife includes a brown Kydex sheath with paracord rigging to attach the blade to a variety of belts and packs.

The Cerberus is made in the USA, something we can certainly appreciate. It's not available just yet, but will be offered at an MSRP of $265. For more information on the Cerberus and other Ontario Knife Company blades, visit OntarioKnife.com.

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